by Venkat

A mind
Coiled tight
Waiting for time
A spring of energy
Wound by its own thoughts
Born in our nature
Looks to unwind
In attempts

A mind
By an irony
Made uncoiled
Touching the sky
Flying in happiness found
Marching ahead
So unshackled
With liberty

A mind
Matter of vision
As you think of it
Takes a life of its very own
Coiled, might be
Yet be uncoiled
You see

A mind
What you play
A magic strange
Taking shape as you sow
If you look within
Or be outward
It is a sleight
Of hand


4 Comments to “Mind”

  1. Venkat, very thoughtful assessment of our nature! And of course, very nice form . . .

  2. I do like the way its set out.

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