The Gypsy and the Oak tree

by Harry
Posted for Rhona

If yesterday were today, and tomorrow were today
Today – like the oak tree in the forest ,stands alone
Yet, it is not alone ,for a little gypsy has found rest under it
the rustle of the oak leaves in spring ,beckoned to her like music
and the words of the melody , she engraved in stone

If yesterday were today , the road would be no different
For as the oak tree has always been ,so has the gypsy
dusk falls and the glittering stars call to her at night
Through the window of the world , the full moon shines
warm and contented , she reminisces the journey

The silhouette of the oak tree , mesmerizes her to sleep
but what of tomorrow , if yesterday were today?
She knows the sun will still shine, and today shall always remain
love lives within her heart , a shared dream until morning
and tomorrow the oak tree will welcome her again.

3 Responses to “The Gypsy and the Oak tree”

  1. A very fine poem, indeed . . .


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