Grateful To The Sun

by Venkat

You are the life giver
Spreading light of wisdom
Reason for flows of river
For our physique lithesome

Your twilight rays give peace
As a breeze across ocean
From troubles you release
Giving a hopeful notion

You are a symbol of eternity
Of undying strength abound
Soaking us in your heat’s verity
As our planet spins around

You are the basis for growth
Of living beings on earth
To flora and fauna both
A universal power since birth

You are cause for season
As planets move in orbit
For waves of change, a reason
Shining bright, still with grit

You are the slayer of disease
In your natural healing power
Moments of radiation to seize
Cure ailments by the hour

You are of nature beautiful
Changing colors by the day
To your energy I am grateful
A divine wonder in every way


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