I am grey

by Harry

Posted for Shreyas

Your huts of happiness; I am bulldozer.
I lost you, I am lost & I am looser.
I am liar, I deserve hell-fire.
I lied to me that I know…
I lied to you that I don’t.
Your Tears means nothing to me.
I ignore when you cry, I ignore when your eyes dry.

Even I ignore when you laugh out loud to avoid crying.
I never apologize to you. My ego is everything.
I crush your dreams under wheels of my will.
I am heartless, I am shameless, I hate you and I will.
Walking miles faking smiles…
I cheat, I betray, my only color is grey!
Happier would you be; more the distant you stay…


5 Comments to “I am grey”

  1. Its sad, in a vain type of way. But so realistic, it hurts.

  2. Very sad, it makes me think of a chantey town being bulldozed

  3. Super poem, filled with tension, revelation and drama …
    but, er line 3
    “lair” ? or “Liar” ?
    Call me pedantic/put me in a corner and ignore me if I offend ;-(

  4. Thank you Harry sir, chatty owl, beeseeker… and all those liked..

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