Haiku: False

by Harry

I don’t know if you / i can call this haiku.

Is a woman false when you meet her.

If she has under gone plastic surgery, to be vein.

Or can she still be true to her man.

7 Comments to “Haiku: False”

  1. Hi Harry,

    the rules of haiku are pretty vague. I am never sure myself. I suppose the one characteristic is that there be at least one “fragment” to give it a cut or separation.

    One other interpretation might look like:

    false greeting smile
    plastic surgery to be vain
    does he see truth

    However this isn’t better or worse, just different. — Bill

  2. good one !! maybe could call it an extended haiku.

  3. Harry, check out this blog: http://fiercebuddhist.org/ He posts haiku almost daily… they’re pretty good! I think the basic rule is the lines have a set number of syllables. I think it’s 5-7-5. But then most people don’t really follow that rule anymore… 🙂

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