The Big C from A to Z…

by Jen Thompson

Posted by Jen

Appointment cards overflow from her bag.

Birthdays lose their appeal.

Curiosity it seems might after all kill the cat.

Death clouds her thoughts from morning till night.

Emotions run riot, they scrape the surface of her heart.

Freedom is a lifetime ago.

Ghosts form a presence in her daily existence,

Haunting her every decision.

Imagination is all that she can summon.

Justice is a fairytale notion.

Kindness is dissolving,

Love is taught and walks on egg shells.

Minutes turn to hours in no time at all.

No longer is there certainty.

Ongoing cries diminish flecks of happiness.

People come and go, their faces a blur.

Questions are never answered.

Reassurance is kept by the bucketful.

Sadness steams up windows and settles on their frames.

The surrounding shadows focus on their prey.

Under the surface her pumping veins tingle.

Vanity she had has been passed on to another.

Worry lines form ditches, too deep to ever close.

X-rays are the only prints that showcase her life.

Years come and go in an orderly fashion.

Zen is all she is hoping to achieve.


2 Comments to “The Big C from A to Z…”

  1. This is very powerful, achingly sad too, and tenderly written 🙂

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