Hazel Heart

by Venkat

Dedicated to angelic Mae Riley

Photo Copyright: Mae Riley

in the hollows of time
drip memories, icy bold
stories in silver faith
stories in molten sand

where owls hold vigil
angel of love’s feather
a light, only moons know
of this hazel heart’s brow

in deep purple grooves
tympanic beats, lullaby
the one that keeps none
hazel heart, for everyone

clays of this unfound life
dream of her electric touch
lost eyes, where feet lose
a smile, hazel heart woos

winged words, golden rush
perch on sweet memories
sing another Alabama song
where hazel hearts belong

Mae is an American Supermodel, Actor, Published Poet, Award-winning Entertainer, Business Owner and CEO. She owns Baby Girl Inc. She was featured on Black Star News, The Big Island Reporter, and B.I.G Magazine. She is a national poetry contest winner, USA. She is listed in the Who’s Who and a member of the Chamber of Commerce.


2 Comments to “Hazel Heart”

  1. This is very much you then this time, my friend! I can tell from the as ever excellent wordsmithery.

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