by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

President Trump
Jokes About Leaving America
If  He Loses The Election To Biden

He’s Got A Few Countries
He’s Put On His Short List,
One’s That Don’t Have Extradition
Agreements With The U.S.

It May End Up Being
His Only Hope
Of Not Spending
The Rest Of His Life
In Prison
And Avoiding
Having To Wear
An Orange Jump Suit

He Doesn’t Mind
Locking Up Others
But Doesn’t Want
Anyone To “Lock Him Up!”

So He’s Making Plans
To “Escape From America!”
Just In Case

Copyright © 2020 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 10-21-2020 – 05:30 a.m.

President Trump Is Facing The Threat Of Criminal Indictments In New York State For Potential Crimes Once He Is Not President. No Wonder He Is Trying So Hard To Win Election By Any Means Possible – Even If It Means
Using The Supreme Court To Insure Ballots Don’t Get Counted. But Just In Case He Doesn’t Win He Wants An Escape Plan.

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  1. Love this!!!! So true!!!!! I want him to be accountable!!!! Prison sounds good to me! 💙

  2. Given evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop, Joe Biden is the one who should be afraid of that orange jump suit.

    • Frank, I understand your desire to have this Hunter Biden laptop be an issue, But Fox News won’t touch it because even they can’t verify it. Don’t you trust Fox News? The DOJ is not running with it either. Nor is Bill Barr going to prosecute Joe Biden no matter how much Trump or followers wish it would happen. That’s why Trump is bitching Barr out.

      Truth is, there is no credible evidence on Hunter’s laptop, it’s conspiracy theory. If it was really true every news outlet would be on it, at least Fox News. Ask yourself, why is no one but fringe conspiracy theorists pushing this?? Because it can’t be honestly proven. If it could really be proven true don’t you honestly believe that every Republican would believe it and talk about it? Why don’t we just take a wait and see approach to Hunter Biden to see if any credible evidence actually does show up! Truth is, None of this will matter or be heard about again after Nov 3rd. If Trump wins it will disappear. If Biden wins it will disappear too. But we should just wait and see. I know how you feel. No need for repetition, I got it.

    • Slander is spoken not written!!! Why hasn’t Fox News broadcast this sensational news – it’s not fake news is it?
      Frank, you shouldn’t read things you don’t believe, really! It will all be over on November 3rd.

    • Frank, Look up the definition of slander and then libel in the dictionary and it will become clear. You have your opinion and I support your right to have whatever one you choose, However President Trump has been in charge (and responsible, despite what he says) during the Pandemic where over 8.5 million Americans have been infected and 225,000 innocent people have died – NOT BIDEN??? (watch the documentary “Totally Under Control” to learn the truth!) Trump has been in charge of the economy that has more people unemployed than since the time of the Great Depression. I think this makes it “The Trump Depression” not Biden’s – he’s just a normal, non government citizen now. What did he do! So, what society, health or economic failures are you wanting to blame on Biden when Trump has been in charge of everything for four years? Just curious!

  3. I think an orange jump suit would look great on Donald. It would match his skin tone perfectly!! 🙂

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