Goative Greetings

by Jem Croucher

Goat jumped up the fence at me
At Tulley’s Farm today
Bleated out a greeting
Polite, as if to say
‘Good day to you, I’m very pleased
‘You took the time to come
‘And say hello to me today
‘It’s really rather fun’

So, smiling I, replied in kind
As it seemed the thing to do
So charming and polite was he
(Well, you would do, wouldn’t you?)


Photo – Jempics


4 Comments to “Goative Greetings”

  1. Fun poem! Goats really do like to say hello – terrible attention seekers but I love them!

  2. Another work of metrical gold. Dude, if this age has a Wordsworth, I think you may be it.

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