A Couple of “I’m Hopeful and Doubtful At The Same Time” Limericks

by Joel Kravitz

It is reality. Donald Trump is The President of the United States. A truly remarkable accomplishment from a truly remarkable man. He did whatever he had to do. He embraced the fringe. He clearly represents change to a disillusioned constituency who responded to his cult of personality without needing to see a plan…or his tax returns. He was willing to bear his soul or lack thereof, depending on whether you are for or against him.

We have to give President Trump a chance to make changes and then we will see if the changes make America a stronger nation, where every citizen’s life is better and the greatest good is enjoyed by the greatest number of Americans.

But President Trump has to know that he is under a microscope and will be held to the highest expectations with regard to integrity and accountability. There was a time when the cult of personality could disregard those things but I don’t see him getting away with that.

So, I am ready to take a “wait and see” position. I know that he earned the chance to lead and I respect that. Now will he use that cult of personality for the greatest good? That thought led to these –

Your ideas, I’ll objectively consider,
But I’m not for sale to the highest bidder.
It’s still wait and see
So, please, don’t tell me…
And, for sure, don’t tell me on Twitter.

There’s some things that don’t need to be proved,
But before my doubt is removed….
You proved you could win,
A good place to begin…
Now SHOW me how my life’s been improved!

One Comment to “A Couple of “I’m Hopeful and Doubtful At The Same Time” Limericks”

  1. He has been given plenty of chances to first- have diplomacy while having a national audience, second- to tell the truth, third – apologize where he needed to, and fourth- to grow up. He failed. Chances over.

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