POEM: Amusement

by merlinspielen

On the ninth day of Christmas My true love gave to me: nine ladies dancing… January 2nd is the “Ninth Day of Christmas.”

Source: Ninth Day of Christmas

Nine ladies dancing entice and evoke,
they slip betwixt groves of olive and oak;
encircle me in triplets and triads;
amuse and delight dyads of dryads.

Nine ladies dream dancing inside my head,
planting sweet lingering while in my bed.
Dripping with honey they stir my desire,
every word they breathe is burning with fire.

Nine ladies traipsing wild inspiration,
sparking alive poetic creation.
Making me write of things I imagine;
when nine ladies take hold of my passion!

Nine ladies dancing each taking a turn;
Each willing to teach those willing to learn.


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