Poem of the Day – Junk Ship Sailing

by paturnerlee

Junk Ship Sailing


Clipped in spice coloured jars of crystal clear imagination

A bickering bleeding heart

A memory carved from indignation

A nation lost in blood and narrow minded alleyways


Crumbling biscuits in scalding tea

Just dealing with the residue

Stuck to a spade like concrete


Old relationships grate on the day

Spinning webs of revenge in plunging hemlines

A crisp wind breaks the party of trainee bath tub builders

An outdoors pastime

In huts of mud; trawling swamps for spent ideas


Roll the shoulder; to ease the pain

Crack the head like an egg on the ceiling

Until the lamp is broken

Before the dawn breaks the silence

Swim in unison

With the foam filled waves



November 22nd 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

3 Comments to “Poem of the Day – Junk Ship Sailing”

  1. Superb imagery and emotionalism.

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