Without A Name

by eloisedesousa

The coolness of your lips touch my forehead
I feel the tingling softness of your touch
My body sways unconsciously forward
The thought of you being near me is never too much.

Slowly, your heart reaches out to me
I can hear it calling in the night
The moon turns her face away in jealousy
Leaving the stars to giggle in delight.

We dance together so merrily
Running across rivers so wide
My face can never be angry
When you are by my side.

We rest together in harmony
Admiring the flowers beside
Their beauty reflects in our faces so charmingly
Until in shyness, at sunset, they hide.

The sun watches on and smiles brightly
Together we have no shame
For we are young and happy
Two dewdrops without a name.

4 Comments to “Without A Name”

  1. Really touching and beautifully written

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