Just Simply Us

by Heather's Starting End


The day was not long
It was not the season
Of love

And the Sky
This day
Not abundant with sun

Nothing smelt sweet
The birds were not singing
No music was playing
With melodic meaning

Children’s laughter
Did not fill the air
Fields of fresh flowers
Not seen everywhere

The moon was not full
Nor on the rise

Just simply us
On a first love reprise

When we made our own beauty
And created for us
The prefect illusion
Of passion and lust

When we had once
Filled pastures
Of sweet flowers new
Where we were the music
That hung under
The moon

Just a memory
Of a day
We knew would not last
Just a priceless piece
Of a once
Perfect past




9 Comments to “Just Simply Us”

  1. Love the lines ‘Just a priceless piece / Of a once / Perfect past’
    It is only upon reflection that we appreciate the mystery of grace . . .
    Blessings . . .

  2. … and we made our own beauty…
    Outstanding piece of writing.

  3. Heather – I agree with these gentlemen… a beautiful piece of writing. Love and temporal passion held in the flux of memory. Nicely done dear friend.

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