In Memory of a Butterfly

by Venkat









This colorful butterfly was sadly found dead…

In this world, left behind
May this memory remain
Of beauty, worldly bind
Of love, unspoken pain

Where the spirit flew free
In heavenly colours
By scents of a flowered tree
Written in God’s verse

In life’s evergreen cycle
Of death and birth
May this be a spectacle
A fusion of sadness in mirth

An echo of struggle
Through darkness, silence
In attempts to wriggle
Be one with nature’s sense

In this freedom, new found
I chase colours of heaven
On a wonder flight, unbound
Across the seas seven

Where I go, to me unknown
As between grass and flower
Lingering in moments flown
With spread wings of power

With my scarlet gown below
A life chosen by Lord’s time
To remind of a destiny to know
Be in memory of this rhyme



2 Comments to “In Memory of a Butterfly”

  1. How beautiful to write such a poem for a butterfly. It was a beauty.

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