Dark-Iron Tree

by beeseeker

North wolf-door belongs

To the Devil in songs;

The dark iron-tree

Born of dead-sky-sea

Fell through fire, slate

Thick boar-skull plate

And dragon-crest helm

Into the Albion magic realm.

Perhaps, as you say

There are things you should see

But believe, if you may

There are things you should not.


The old, underworld king,

In stone frame reflected,

As the grey crone, sings

Has been rejected.

The tide, at full flood, untamed,

The Shadow of Shadows, yet un-named,

You need to know,

Before too decent-late,

There are, perhaps, things

You should know …

Because, certain as fate,

There are things you should not!


3 Comments to “Dark-Iron Tree”

  1. Sad and spooky all at once.

    • The best I could manage for Hallowe’en, but if I had to imagine how a haunting would feel
      sad and spooky would be among the definitions
      because I don’t see ghost (if I see them at all) as being malicious and evil.
      Does that make any sense ?

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