by Harry

The art of conversation

has been killed by technology

killed of by man

who invented these things

few sit and talk now

about everyday things

instead they sit like morons

heads buried in a machine

be it a phone, ipad or ipod

or maybe a gaming machine

M.S.N has damaged spelling

why spell a word right

when two letters will do

going out is no different

people can’t do without these

out with company

phones on the table

talking to people

who aren’t even there

its time to get back

to basics and good manners

put the equipment away

when your in company

sit down and talk

like it was

twenty years ago.

14 Comments to “Conversation.”

  1. AMEN!!!!! Truer words have rarely been spoken!

    • Thank you, the only thing i have is a pc.

      • You’re very welcome! I will admit that I do have an iPhone but it’s actually for work so the only social media app I have is WordPress. I don’t have a home computer or personal cell phone so I use the iPhone for both but I’m rarely ever on it and I never have it out when I’m with friends or family. Technology is both a blessing and a curse, I think in this day and age the best thing one can do is maintain a healthy balance between using it and relying upon it.

  2. Harry, you are so right! I wholeheartedly agree with every word!

    There is nothing like face to face contact and people actually listening to each other.


  3. oh…for the good ol’ days…nicely done Harry

  4. Sad isn’t it Harry, we went out for a meal the other evening. I noticed a young family on the table beside us. Two children and the parents. Mum and dad both on the phone , but dad did not come off of his phone at all! The whole meal he was either texting or talking . Even after the wife paid the bill and they left I saw him crossing the road child on shoulders and still he was using the phone ????

  5. You touched a sensitive thing here! But im so glad to see that technology hasnt touched me that much.. *relief*

  6. Right with you Harry! I keep thinking that we’re all going to end up like Spok’s home planet one day soon; taught and communicating only via technology.
    I wonder if poetry will die, or simply evolve to a new tech-speak form?!

  7. If things keep going the way they are some people will not be able to communicate

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