A Passing from A to Z.

by Jen Thompson

A stiff upper lip begins to tremble.

Beside a wilting tree is where they congregate.

Crows go about their business, oblivious.

Down goes the box, all breath is held.

Everyone knows what’s expected of them.

Frost begins to appear, or has it always been there?

Ghostly shadows frolic under the wintry sun.

Homage is paid the only way they know how.

Imaginations are stationary, afraid to make their move.

Just beyond the gate, life carries on.

Karma passes by, afraid to show its face.

Lighters flicker, as grieving smokers join one another.

Memories are thrown between them, no one smiles yet.

Naive members are still questioning the facts.

Ongoing cries sniffle and splutter.

Patience is shown by the few that can cope.

Quietly, remaining mourners emerge from their sadness.

Regrets are thrown into the open for all to feast upon.

Sympathy and empathy comfort all that will listen.

Talk turns to remembrance, speeches are given.

Under masks of sorrow, new faces are born.

Violence kicks others to the curb, afraid to face reality.

Wisdom performs at his best, all eyes transfixed.

X-rays are not needed, hearts are on sleeves.

Youngsters withdraw, their games taking centre.

Zealous shakes every hand as they say goodbye to their demons.

5 Comments to “A Passing from A to Z.”

  1. Thank you Jen, your name and site is in the sidebars.

  2. I really love the sensory and imagery you used here….I was drawn in to the scene of this somber funeral…..I could feel the atmosphere as though I was there….
    very well written….

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