The Last Post in my Name is Not Mine!

by Venkat

For the kind attention of friends and fellow poets, the last post in my name is not mine. Someone seems to have hacked into my account and posted it. It was with the title as shown below.

Kindly ignore it. It has nothing to do with me. I have not been active here due to critical work priorities.

10 Comments to “The Last Post in my Name is Not Mine!”

  1. Oh wow, well this is disconcerting, especially to see I am the one that liked it. Please let us know when you are active again.
    Sorry to hear and good luck with getting it resolved. I hope WP can be of assistance!

    • Thanks. Changed my password. Will be adding 2 factor authentication. I think that would be best.

    • I must thank you Cindy and John for liking that post which someone else posted from my account. Due to those likes I received notification as emails. And that made me look at the post. Otherwise I would have never known because I am not active here for the time being.

      • Oh so glad to know that! What a bummer it happened! Glad you at least were notified. Hope you are well! 💕

      • I am well. Thanks. While I am not acrive here, I still do poetry in a unique way. I have a 23 year old non-speaking autistic boy as my student in poetry. We write joint poems. Alternating lines of each other . It is divine grace how he could go deep in abstraction and how we could write alternate lines in a time bound class considering his background.

      • This is so wonderful to hear that your gift with you and your son have been so joyful and such a wonderful inner change. Continue to bless him and yourself and all of us with your work. Stay well

      • Not my son. I will be publishing the poetry in my website as well as here. So far completed 12 poems with him. Short at present. Will be making them longer. Praying for him to sustain the concentration.

      • Oh thanks for clarifying. It’s a beautiful endeavor. I’ll stay posted!!

  2. TFA is always a good idea for safety

  3. Thanks Jem. Now I have secured the account with all the available options in WordPress in the Security Section.

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