Tidy up done

by Jem Croucher
It was long overdue so I gave it a spruce
chucked out all the old magazines
dusted the shelves and tidied things up
got the cobwebs and grime in the seams

Gave it a hoover, well the carpet at least
sorted my pens and the books
got a new cushion for my swivel desk chair
swept out the crannies and nooks

And now even if I say it myself
it looks quite fantastic and clean
just as well as during the pandemic it has
been mostly the room where I've been

And now with my music, my games and my writing
it provides a clean space to be in
so I've vowed to make sure that I keep it that way
and don't simply empty the bin


Photo – ‘after’ – Jempics

See also ‘Tidy up coming


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