by HemmingPlay

An end comes, eventually.

I struggle with that. Don’t you?

But hear me out.

I dreamt once of my age, at my ending.

Not too close, still closer than it used to be.

Later, when a terrible loss tore me in two,

It also reminded me that,

Like the most exquisite flower,

death will come.

Without an ending, in the race

To leave something of note behind,

Living has little meaning.

Time is precious, time is short.

From my center this made a

Great fountain spring forth,

Sometimes clear and cold,

Sometimes bitter like the Dead Sea,

Sometimes deep endless blue, like the Pacific,

It is a lash; it is a comfort.

It is a river for the journey.

It makes a shore to walk along,

measured by the waves.

Mere weeping makes less the

Depth of grief, yet

Time is a nurse and the bringer of all good.

All the while, in the center, a wellspring flows.

For a little while longer.

One Comment to “Center”

  1. Hopefully for a ‘lot’ longer – wonderful words though!

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