Poem of the Day – Falling Particles

by paturnerlee

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Falling Particles


Clipped chisels; scraping corners,

Filing for divorce; weeping in pyjamas.

Rusty cans cover the street

Filling up time; squeezed into black bags


Schemes in basket making needles

Sewn in streams of sewers

In a dead rats’ collaboration


A station of diminished responsibility

Come lets disappear,

Down the alleyway.

A passage of built up tension

Released in time for a break

A mistake in some broken down caravan.


Landing in a slope on the side of a grassy knoll

Peeling cranberries from a dry set of dentures

Broken bridges get mended

Has it descended to this

A kiss; an apprehension

An extension of bold ideas.


Bombs blown out of all proportion

Sliced like chilled ice pancakes

Stuck beneath an oily truck

Just run out of luck

The end of the line

The start of another



January 2nd 2018

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

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