The Flame is Alive

by scatterednotebooks

by Belen L.Méndez

The flame is alive
but it’s fighting
trying to burn on
I watch in amazement
at the struggle
and eventually
turn my eyes
from the pain
The flame is alive
and it falters
for a moment
but then burns bright
I see it dance
in the shadows
and shimmer
in the reflection
off the chandelier

© L. Rose (1996)


9 Comments to “The Flame is Alive”

  1. I feel like the candle, but a few weeks further gone.

  2. Scattered….a hot poem
    Candles are for many occassions
    Some happy…
    Some sad,,,,
    Funerals and birthdays
    And good times I had..

    Alas…candlles do burn out
    It’s the circle of life we know
    Let’s get the bees a workin
    For more candles and memories to show

  3. This is such a beautiful depiction of the flame. The flame is such a great subject and you did a wonderful painting of it.

  4. It was a wonderful read. Thanks so much for capturing it with your words! Loved the photo.

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