Measurement of Worth

by Colly


Words hurt – words scar.

Words can undermine who you are.

Words can set to a rolling pace…

a caustic environment that has no place…

in what should be a loving, embracing, society.


And who’s to say your worth means “more”?

If you have accumulated an huge estate.

Or with extensive knowledge you thrive to berate.

Tell me now, what makes you so “privileged” that you desire to segregate?

We’re all in this together, this life, you know.

No one has the right to push and shove…

As if to say some aren’t worthy of love…

Tell me what makes you so great?

Because with hate it takes someone small.

To cast down those who have, little, or far less than you do.

To me kindness and love, that’s what highlights your worth…

Not your intellect, church or front porch…


Love doesn’t discriminate by ones age…

but how one’s lived tends to show.

By the kindness, acceptance, you’ve shown

day by day…year by year.

Especially, then, how you’ve shown care

by those who relied on you to BE THERE.


You see it’s not about age, money, or knowledge.

It’s about LOVE and how you’ve shown it.


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