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March 4, 2017

And if I thought…

by Jem Croucher


And if I thought the sunset view
was a lovely sight
Just imagine my reaction
when I saw it later at night

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February 28, 2017


by Venkat

Words, they became mountains

Mountains, they became words

Eyes, they grew into silences

Silences, they grew into eyes

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February 16, 2017

Nest of Wonder

by Venkat

fires, they gleam in rings

on your fingers, molten in amber

winds, they clasp as chains
on your eyes, in hollowed homes

snowfall, dance in buried silence

your feet, dream of voices to hold

waters, they clink as fireflies do

your heart, drip thoughts in the dark

October 13, 2016

Chiaroscuro Moments

by Jem Croucher


The light, the beach, the evening sky
The rain across the sea
The far horizon rainbow
simply overwhelming me

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September 9, 2016

Lisbon 36

by Jem Croucher


It was thirty six in Lisbon
when we climbed up to St Jorge
An eleventh century castle
built by Moors above the gorge

But it was cool beneath the olive trees
inside the castle walls
taking pictures of the things we saw
and marvelling at it all

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August 8, 2016

A passionate discovery

by Jem Croucher


In life I have two passions
which, I’m pleased to say
I’m blessed, as I can oft indulge
in each ‘most every day
One (you’ve guessed) is writing
as these words attest right here
Something that I love to do
and in my life hold dear

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August 6, 2016

Riding with seagulls

by Jem Croucher


I’m riding with seagulls
down here on the beach
as they fly alongside me
just out of reach
It’s like swimming with dolphins
just as wonderful and
the only change is that
I’m still on the land

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May 17, 2016

Power, Perception, Humbleness, and Tramontana in the Form of a God

by A. Marie

I had a dream that Trajan’s Column fell on top of me,
That blue canaries crowed and cawed,
That to ride a minnow I first had to become small and the minnow
Large; I had a dream that tramontana
Stole me from my crib, and set me down upon a mountain and told me,

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February 8, 2016

C’est la vie

by Jem Croucher


I got to thinking
Life’s too short
for anything else
save that I ought
to do and think
and be about
and nothing else
there is no doubt

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February 6, 2016


by Jem Croucher


The beauty of a sunset
seen from a speeding train
Enough to make me turn and stare
in wonder yet again
Out there on horizon
Beneath landscape’s darkened line
the golden ending of a day
Spectacularly fine

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January 26, 2016


by Jem Croucher


There is darkness in amongst the trees
Here in Hampshire’s land
A thousand years of history
From William’s era stand
Trenches and Inclosures
Slades and moors and hill
The wild land of New Forest
remaining heathland still

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January 2, 2016

Simply the sea

by Jem Croucher


It is freedom and power and love and magic
and heaven and life and much more
It is friendship and companion and all of these things
and is something I completely adore

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December 30, 2015

The Promise

by Jem Croucher


Walking up on Truleigh Hill
between two banks of rain
sunshine bright around us
and a promise made again

A rainbow high up in the sky
and also down below
appearing right in front of us
iridescence all aglow

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December 11, 2015

An Angel from Up High

by Dorinda Duclos

He gazes out the frosted glass

To watch the fairies fly

She is perched upon the sill

An angel, passing by

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November 20, 2015

River of gold

by Jem Croucher


Gold upon the river today
glistening on water below
as it moves towards the ocean
on its daily tidal flow

There is magic here and wonder
together with a sense of awe
almost like the first time
this morning scene I saw

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November 14, 2015

The evening of the year

by Jem Croucher

Lawress Hall 22.1.13 24

Beauty wears a frown
as Autumn colours fade and die
The Summer’s warmth now distant
as the year it hurries by

December looms. Finality
Twenty-fifteen almost done
Now in the throws of Winter
the Spring has far to come

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November 5, 2015

Little things

by Jem Croucher


I found a silken thread
in the early morning light
spun there in perfect symmetry
by a spider overnight

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November 4, 2015

Teardrops fall

by Jem Croucher


In the silence of a morning
I thought I heard a cry
A quiet and gentle sobbing
As I wandered slowly by

Then, evident there upon the red
of berries in a tree
Suspended natural teardrops
right there in front of me

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November 2, 2015

Sheffield Park

by Jem Croucher


Like a rainbow in the water
The colours are sublime
Reflected here and mirroring
This fantastic Autumn time

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August 29, 2015


by Jem Croucher


Reflection, like a deepest thought
as a window to the world
In droplets captured, held to view
by summer rain unfurled

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August 8, 2015

Happiness is…

by Jem Croucher


Happiness is like a deep blue sky
and days spent by the sea
A contended realisation that
this is how life’s meant to be
They say the grass is greener
on the other side
But it’s looking pretty good right here
and in that I have some pride

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August 6, 2015


by Jem Croucher


Artichokes on the riverbank
Resplendent, growing tall
With majestic purple crowns
behind the floodplain wall

Their beauty caught me by surprise
and I just had to pause a while
So wonderful their stature
I could not resist a smile

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July 21, 2015

The Red trilogy #3

by Jem Croucher


Dancing and rhythmic, the red in the breeze
Born of the ocean close by
Challenged me there in its movement
To join in and give it a try
But I couldn’t even begin to match
the majesty of its grace
magnificent there in meadowlands
with wild flowers all in place
Such brilliance there, such glory
I was humbled to give voice
“Come look” I said, “Be thankful
And in this wonder here, rejoice”

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July 20, 2015

The Red trilogy #2

by Jem Croucher


Blanket of red, warm on the ground
Enshrouds me where I lay
Such richness here unequalled
On this lovely summer’s day
Here I have rubies kissed by the sun
And I am bathed in liquid gold
Unparalleled, this treasure
Far more than I can hold
Such grandeur this, such wonder
Must not ever be concealed
“Come look”, I say “And witness
Nature’s wealth here now revealed”

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July 19, 2015

The Red trilogy #1

by Jem Croucher


Happen chanced by a field of red
Its colour vivid there
Paused and took some photographs
Felt the need to share
Mesmerised by this spectacle
of rubies in the breeze
I felt a tear arising as
I fell down to my knees
Such scenes as these, such beauty
Must be shared with all around
“Come look” I say “And marvel
at this treasure I have found”

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July 9, 2015

Fields of yellow ochre

by Jem Croucher


In fields of yellow ochre
wandering, carefree as a cloud
drifting on a summer breeze
I felt a richness here endowed
The chalky soil beneath my feet
hard packed by days of sun
and through the haze the shine of sea
on this day that’d just begun

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July 7, 2015

Secret grin

by Jem Croucher


Golden rays from the sun on a towerblock landscape
The city rests from the day
And suit-clad workers on the train rattle by
The twenty-past eight on its way

The tannoys are quiet now, the sirens at rest
A brittle peace settles in
But there, in the silence of commuter unrest
A man sits alone with his grin

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June 22, 2015


by Morgan

Illusions 1

Intoxicatingly Simple

Yet Beguilingly


Beyond all Mortal ken

Yet Transitory

Immortal and Timeless

Yet Stationary
Illusions 2

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