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July 29, 2020

The Lotty

by Jem Croucher

The Lotty’s looking wild this year
we haven’t been there much
Lockdown saw to most of that
but we’ve still kept in touch

Emily’s been there more than us
and kept it in some shape
but living several miles away
it’s quite a trip to make

So long grass meadow is the norm
with wood chip in between
coupled with a lovely pond
the best we’ve ever seen

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January 8, 2019

A Hideaway Cat, Meow

by Colly





In the middle of winter.

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October 8, 2018


by dokurtybitz
Resting in the grass
He watches me as I paint
Image I will sell.
image property of Carl Brenders


April 4, 2018


by Renwick Berchild

They murmur beneath their breath
difficult woman,
obstinate girl,
they shout to my face
what a waste
of a body,

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October 15, 2017


by Venkat

*Alliteration Poem – Wait*

15th Oct’17  ~by Venkat

Where warblers wallow
Where wolves wallop
Weasels worm, winds whistle
Wishes wild, words wistful

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October 10, 2017


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Cavorting with fools
like me
can be risky
for your future 

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October 9, 2017


by Venkat

*Alliteration Poem – Travel*

7th Oct’17  ~by Venkat

Thunders throng, torches twirl
Tusks tainted, timber tracks
Tropics tussle, tepid trunk
Thud trees, thud thoughts
Twisted tyres, tracks torn

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June 12, 2017

Wild Rose

by Jem Croucher

By a first morning light
in the sunshine out here
I took a walk in the woods
whilst the skies were still clear
and there in the hedgerow
where late hawthorn grows
I found the delicate pink
of a lovely wild rose

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February 5, 2017

The Difference Between Me And You

by Sebastian St.John Montgomery-Greystoke

sam_9390I think there’s been a misunderstanding.

I like rain storms, not brain storms

Real streams, not work streams

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January 24, 2017


by Renwick Berchild

Again, we collide, double minded with dueling heartbeats,
Strumming lungs stricken and tightened in a sharp heave,
Lacing legs together to drive out frosty winters, cruel lovers,
Parents that pulled at our arms and swam about us like bees,

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June 28, 2015


by Venkat


You are an ocean
Wide, yet deep
Soft, yet wild

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November 14, 2012

Wildly Cruel

by Kerrie Ann Salsac

Yet another day is dawning,

the sun chasing away the night.

The wilderness is bathed in light,

creatures large and small are yawning,

hunting to whet their appetite.


Lapping up the chilly water,

from rivers flowing to the sea.

Hiding amongst the tall pine trees

so as to avoid their slaughter.

Building warm dens so not to freeze.

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