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November 12, 2016

A Voice for the Voiceless – Update/Request

by Peter Notehelfer
Rainer Maria Rilke by Leonid Pasternak

              Rainer Maria Rilke
            by Leonid Pasternak

In September I put out a Poetry Challenge to any/all who might be interested
in submitting a poem for a project I called ‘Voices for the Voiceless’. About 20
of you responded with creative and diverse contributions, something for which
I’m deeply grateful. Unfortunately my computer has had a ‘crash’ and I have
only been able to recover a few of those poems . . . I feel terrible about that!

If you submitted a poem OR would still like to contribute to the project, would
you please resend your submission to me at my email address:, so that I can be certain they are included? And
please include your name, home town & country, blog site, and email address.
Thank you very much. I would like to finish this project before December if I can.
Peter Notehelfer

From my September 25 post, I reprint the following:

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