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January 12, 2017

Eldritch Abominate Creatures – ‘The Translucent Hyperrider’

by OrangeDilip

Somewhere in the farthest galaxy…


Neon translucent membrane
glow for every hyperride
Electric Lime sprinklings are
hyperspace take offs
long bushy brown prickles
pasted on transparent woody tentacles
lash bulgy mandibles
green radiance inside rubber bones
are the eternal soul

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December 27, 2016

The Make-up

by OrangeDilip


Hazy mirror and a razor
lay crossed aside sharp
scissors of acrylic handle;
Slow music in the background
piped bloody blues
A nip in the ravenous
stomach of filthy tube
popped green gel…
Bristles from the wood, scooped
cool neon gel from thy tube
clogged its meltdown
in thy hot noon air
Which flowed contritely
through thy grilled window;

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