November 2, 2020


by thereluctantpoet

Are you really informed or just opinionated?

People don’t like to think of themselves as closed minded or
uninformed. They don’t like to think of themselves as only
believing in dogma or someone who disregards facts.

They like to think that the person or source they trust for information
is informed and up to date, believes in science and is Honest.
We have seen what happens when those in charge don’t believe
in science, aren’t up to date on facts or misrepresent the facts.

In bygone days religions persecuted those who didn’t believe in the flat earth theory of the world. Those who didn’t believe that the sun circled the earth were persecuted for heresy. They were condemned for passing on
“Fake News” by those who had no basis to offer any real facts or information!!

So, there are those who only tell you what is in their self-interest even if it’s
a lie. Unless you are smart enough to care and investigate both sides of an issue and not just the one that you are told by your normal source of information and authority then – YOU Are just Opinionated.

If you want to be something other than a modern day Flat Earth Believer, if you want to be Informed and not someone who only believes half truths or lies then you must work at it. You have to read and know the opposing information to your source of information. It takes time and effort to be Educated and informed. Try it and see what happens – you may like being informed and not just opinionated with the opinion of others.

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Jon Oliver
The Truth On Coronavirus