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July 9, 2020

A Note

by Venkat

Hi All, it has been a really long time since I posted poems here. Recently I have been working on making music videos with Covid as the theme blended with my guitar compositions (to whatever extent I know to play). I am posting them in my wordpress page –

It is not poetry in written form but then is there any thing that does not have poetry underneath? These music videos are a series as part of 30 days challenge I took on myself.


July 5, 2020


by Jem Croucher

We all went up to Bignor Hill
the six of us as one
It wasn’t actually raining
but there wasn’t any sun
Yet none of us we cared one jot
as this was perfect weather
for a long walk in the countryside
the six of us together

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April 2, 2018

A Dance in the Rain…

by cmapillay

Painted by Me

When you take me in your arms, i forget all my pain

Beautiful are such times that i can’t ever complain

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February 20, 2018

Love is Magical

by cmapillay
Painting by Me
“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to eyes”

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February 12, 2018

Forever Together

by Tanya

Hold on to me
As if you would
Never let me go
For I have hooked
On to you since
You existed in this very world..

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August 14, 2017

With You

by Abigail Gronway

From here I see a dozen mountaintops and more.
How many have we climbed together?
How many more remain to us?

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June 9, 2017


by Venkat

ants we live together

as light and fire

under the night’s hood

on seas from the cloud

ants we live together

as light and fire

under the same torch

our words make the wax

of the candle we share

December 3, 2016


by Venkat

roses, they huddle

      into red carpets

           to hold your smile

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October 11, 2016


by Morgan



Shake your head and say Silence only

Mocking the face of the day with Phantoms

Of what I might have said

What You may have Whispered;

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March 3, 2016

How Will You Walk

by graypoet


I felt the warmth flow across my face and remembered you
The sparkle in my eyes was from the reflection of my tears
Standing in the sun with my eyes closed I can still see a smile
But I know that being without you doesn’t give rise to fears.

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June 13, 2015


by Venkat


Lost, you felt, I know
In my rivers of gushing thoughts
Finding rocks underneath

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December 11, 2014


by dokurtybitz

Alone, but content

My thoughts
You’re here
With me

Sharing the time
As our lives
Slowly wind down

June 10, 2014

River Of Truth

by Venkat

Your world, a flow of water
Running through veins of life
Making its way in a stream
Leaving drops of wisdom
To hold, treasure, nurture
While the course moves on

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April 19, 2014

Is That Love?

by aquietwalk


When in that first cry

your eyes look at me

soft your gentle gasps

you are welcomed with open arms

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April 19, 2014

As We Twine

by Venkat

As eyes soar high into a sky
In attempts to leave earth
As much as frogs aim to fly
A mistaken belief from birth

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February 17, 2014


by Venkat


If you were ocean
And me a mountain
Together in nature
We could define the world

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February 5, 2014

Together Forever

by Venkat


We are two edges
of the same road
Never to meet till the end
Yet meant to travel
the same journey

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January 2, 2014

When You Are In Me

by Venkat

When you express fear
I feel my spine shiver
Twitching me far and near
Scarring me as a lava river

When you are in grief
I have my heart in eyes
Though death be brief
My soul goes where yours lies

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September 19, 2013

Fibonacci: Moments

by Venkat




Without you

Hands empty, heart full

Your absence touches me again

Wrapping me up with memories of togetherness

© Venkat