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November 20, 2012

Blue Period

by suicidallyanonymous

I saw the man in Picasso’s painting.
The tattered soul in vagabond threads
draped in an elegance of despair;
in his steel hands, a dull almond guitar
-like the cowboy boots
you said you’d never take off,
the ones that pronounced your footsteps
with that Texas twang you hated.

For a moment I thought I understood
the melancholy with which the oils
stained the canvas,
they didn’t want to be vandalizing
a murdered tree…
but with the severed finger
of a sandpapered olive branch
and a clump eyelashes,
oil was smeared in precise strokes.

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August 16, 2012


by Tiffany Layne

The moonlight on my pillow
is like sunshine in my eyes,
and all these thoughts in my head
won’t let me sleep tonight!

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