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September 1, 2014

Romantic Senryu – September 1, 2014

by Georgia



under the moonlight
two lovers entwined – sighing
first summer kisses

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September 16, 2012

When Young

by Bodhirose


Photo by Bomobob:  Google Images

When young, though ripe for summer’s love of you
Love threw its net enclosing round me fast
Long, golden days spent wading in the blue
While thoughts made blind to what the day had cast
From afar I tracked your every move
With eyes glazed warm laid on your fairest face
Just one, small glance from you…what would this prove
Alone am I in this lover’s embrace
But by the near of summer’s glowing wane
My heart grew calm and thoughts changed into fall
Autumn’s shift did cool love’s fervent refrain
With passing days became a faint recall
So if absorbed in love’s consumed engross
A season’s span can bring it to a close

My attempt at a sonnet.  Didn’t quite get it perfect.  They’re hard!