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May 25, 2018

Night Out

by A. Marie

The night holds weapons, battlements, arms
how fat it grows, full and strong, with the wooly
thickness of a coat, and the deepness of a well;
down, down, down we both go, holding hands
with exhales flaring up, hot flotsam on the sea.

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January 5, 2018


by dokurtybitz

A howling heard throughout the

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November 9, 2017


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

I Chased The Storm
And The Blinding Light
That Mesmerized My Heart

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October 16, 2017

Ophelia’s Gift

by The Cheesesellers Wife

Rust red sun
Burns through yellow grey clouds

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September 11, 2017


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Weather’s wrath came

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September 10, 2017


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Mother Nature’s wrath

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August 27, 2017


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

The storm approaches

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May 25, 2017


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

A little forest cabin

Just off the beaten trail

It’s nothing grand or fancy

But it’s me in each detail

Sitting by the fire

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May 18, 2017

Her Name Was December

by braveandrecklessblog

Inspired by the name of a Matthew Mayfield song

Her name was December

she blew in with the last autumn leaves

swirling red, yellow and orange

‘round her head

She could be warm

like golden lights in a window

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April 29, 2017

The Eyes Series: The Storm of the Eye

by scatterednotebooks

There’s a storm
that resides in her eyes –
swirling, blowing –
destroying inwardly

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April 7, 2017

The Storm

by Regina Saint Claire

thetempestpreraphaeliteThe Storm

by R. Saint Claire

Sheets of ocean pierced by Titans
Channeled on Leviathan’s back,
Swells and lolls, crests and heightens,
Mounting Sky’s sulphuric crack.

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March 12, 2017

Haiku – 4

by scatterednotebooks

direful clouds roar in
storm rises – twisting swiftly
wind high and growling

May 30, 2016


by dokurtybitz

Rise and fall
Rhythmic sway
Side to side
Listening to the rain’s
Pitter and Pat
As the people
Stagger to and fro

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February 9, 2016

The sea from safe distance

by Jem Croucher


The mischievous sea
with the high winds last night
is tossing and turning
and a fabulous sight

I’d not want to be out there
in the chop and the churn
But I’ll stand on the shore
for some lessons to learn

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January 14, 2016

The window and the rainbow

by Jem Croucher


Saw a rainbow through the window
travelling on a train
Huge black clouds behind it
bringing lots of rain

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January 10, 2016

Into the Storm

by Dorinda Duclos

In the distance far behind me
A tree stands faintly showing
Wrapped within a cape of white
Amid the sharp winds blowing

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January 5, 2016

Sussex shores and breath taken

by Jem Croucher


Muddy brown midst churning waves
I hear the ocean sing
with yellow skies beneath the grey
and seagulls on the wing

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January 4, 2016

Bathed in yellow ochre

by Jem Croucher


Bathed in yellow ochre
as through the clouds the sunshine broke
the sea reflecting breaking skies
as the storm removed its cloak
And settling there for brief respite
although the waves still towered high
we marvelled at the setting sun
beneath a darkening sky

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December 10, 2015

Lost, found and kept

by Jem Croucher


Lost to shouting seas
Found with murmuring ones
Kept upon a whisper
When the silence comes

Snatched when anger’s present
Gathered when it’s calm
Shared upon a whisper
When words become my psalm

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November 19, 2015

The last laugh

by Jem Croucher


It’s raining leaves out there
they’re just pouring down
The wind’s blowing a ‘hoolie’
and the trees wear a frown
By the time the storm’s over
they’ll be naked and bare
and the winter will laugh
at their bashfulness there

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August 15, 2015

Storm and shout

by Jem Croucher


The excitement of a thunderstorm
always brings a thrill
A flash of light and then the count
the waiting then until
A roll or clap of thunder
like a party in the sky
The same for when it’s miles away
or really close nearby

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June 6, 2015


by Jem Croucher

Storm over West Pier

Mugginess building
Yellowing skies
reckon we’ll soon be
in for surprise

Distant rumbling
of the thunder
Overhead dark
clouds asunder

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May 20, 2015

Lark Song

by Karen


The air is magnetic
And enigmatic
Light pulses and throbs
Through the trembling sky
Black as night
Black as the black venom
Running through your veins

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October 11, 2014

A Quiet Note

by Venkat


a flight from red fires to white ice
touches the story of two silences
one, pulverized in a volcanic storm
other, reclining on a pond of calm

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July 5, 2014

The ocean of life

by Jem Croucher

Out in the ocean of life
Tossed by the menacing seas
I struggled like a ship without radar
To find my way home

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December 17, 2013

Through The Storm

by wordypenguin

I don’t know if this is the right way
I’m too busy walking in a straight line
I’m not sure if this is my way
I’m too dizzy living in another time

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September 11, 2013

Twilight Embrace

by graypoet

Ever have a thought that started as one thing and seemed to have a mind of its own? Is it a story or a poem? I’m not sure, but it is all fiction…

She stood before me that cold dark night
Soaking wet, glistening eyes full of fright
I opened the door and asked her to come in
Not knowing the journey that would begin.

Torrents of rain had been blowing for an hour
Most people around under a blanket did cower
She had taken a wrong turn on roads unknown
And found the house where my light had shone.

Her eyes were trying to hold back the tears
I wondered how to comfort and allay her fears
I offered a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa
There was more going on as I would soon know.

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September 6, 2013

So Far

by beeseeker

Crowded, sullen grey clouds

Bear silent witness:

Vacant market stalls,

Double-wet cobbles

Giving less than nothing back

And a patient young woman,

In quiet violet coat, with

Once-black collars and

A battered cello case

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