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November 30, 2018


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Her Words Danced
Off The Page
And Made My
Heart Sing

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August 13, 2018

Earth, neither Hell nor Heaven

by pranabaxom

First published in my blog,, on August 5, 2018.

Neither afraid of hell,
Nor enamored of heaven,
I am that fallen angel

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August 16, 2016


by Anita Lubesh


The shallow draught
of a flat bottomed,
open skiff drifts alone,
moving with its shadow
cross hatched
onto the vitreous water,
vying with the spirits that pour
across the bay.
As moonlight dresses them
they are reanimated –
proclaiming –
they would provoke our eyes
and enliven our dreams.

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April 27, 2016


by Venkat


When leaves
    see their colors, fragrant
When flowers
    feel their blood, green

When grass
    care not to hold fruits, high
When trees
   envy not lush beds, green

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April 20, 2016


by Renwick Berchild

It’s a mad clamor for the door,
Bodies trying to squeeze into a heart that
Divides all who enter.

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April 3, 2016


by Venkat


The devil I become
And I see a devil in you

The devil in you, you deny
And you become a devil

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March 15, 2016

It Helps Me Hear

by russtowne

Too often when I speak

My mind gets in the way,

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February 4, 2016


by Richard Rensberry, author at QuickTurtle Books® and


If you take all the pieces
of living, my desires and needs
for softness
in and around and upon
the body, for the pressure to live
outside the skin
as if the penis were an ornament
instead of an instrument
of love in the flesh,

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November 29, 2015

No Corners

by Venkat


Here lies a garden
With no corners
No greener
Or browner

Here lies a garden
With flowers
None higher
Or lower

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October 7, 2015

You Are

by Dorinda Duclos

You are the courage

That dwells in my spirit

Bringing me out of my shell

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May 26, 2015


by Venkat


These thoughts
These feelings
Flowers, upon thy hands
Hold pollens each, under wraps
Of two spirits, in one

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April 6, 2015


by Venkat

Tendrilas a tendril, splays the heart
twining with ends that never meet
dragged infirm by its own slender weight

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November 5, 2014

The Spirit

by Venkat


where eyes roll outward
the spirit gazes by mind

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October 9, 2014

Air Bubble

by Lena Bitare

In the skies is where I long to be
To be an air flowing freely
Passing by as the earth go round
Conquering mountains as I surround

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September 5, 2014

The Real Fight

by Venkat


life, separated not
as earth and sky

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July 2, 2014

Setting The Spirit Free

by Venkat


as images form in mind
of keen desire or revulsion

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June 15, 2014

A Spirit Forgotten

by Venkat


A dough of clay
And potters our own

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April 15, 2014


by Venkat

May the heart be of gold
Pure, unblemished
Treasured, protected

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April 14, 2014

A Love, Mystical

by Venkat

A love made of strings
On a tender heart

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March 30, 2014


by russtowne

I was lost
‘Til I dared
Look inside
Find myself

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July 7, 2013

What’s Mine

by willowmarie

I recognize this moment,

Untamed, unframed

And wild; I created it.

 I let it flow,

Let it grow

Let it trellis

And border-

Cascade its disorder

On walls

In halls

Of dim.

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March 27, 2013

To See How High They Can Fly

by russtowne

Sometimes words start forming in my head
And that can be a good place to start
But I’m happier with what I write
When words start flowing from my heart

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February 9, 2013

The Shaman’s Horse

by reikiheidi

“I am a circle within in a circle/
with no beginning and never ending…”

Mantra say over and again,
Vibrating within; a meditation refrain.
Circle, sway, shuffle, dance:
Chant and drum drum into trance…
Shaman-like the Spirit moves
Hear the thu-thunder of ethereal hooves-
Flying free riding the Shaman’s Horse
Taking an unusual dream-like course
To the sound of the d-rum d-rum beat
Released from the body Travelling fleet

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January 29, 2013

Sing, Spirit, Sing!

by russtowne

I’d heard that when in doubt
Or faced with a tough choice
I should do the kindest thing

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January 26, 2013

When I Think Of Gina

by russtowne

For Poetry Challenge 2

When I think of Gina
She’s a young girl running free
Through nature’s fields and forests
And the wonderful woman she came to be

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September 2, 2012

Alley – A Sestina

by Sorrows In A Serenade

apologies for not updating for very long! Lots of projects and schoolwork, but the busiest period hasn’t even arrived yet! Really very sorry for my lack of discipline >< anyway hope you like this! A sestina, on how we all too often lose our way through the treacherous territory of gold and diamonds. Hope you like it, and appreciate the comments!

In the alley, I meet the Spirit
The maiden of the Fair
Night, shrouded in mist.
Claiming lives
From clutches of play
To join her in the fog

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