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December 28, 2015

In This Silent Moment – Sestet

by Georgia

Screen Door



In this silent moment look,
Cloy night seems to draw up close
And dark fills this sun-filled room,
A fell chill wind falls on me
And is joined with a stream of tears,
In this safe place I call home.

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March 4, 2013

Sestina Sunday: Ponderings

by ashcam24

He likes to feel the rain

Caress his skin with no cruel

Intentions like that of a mistress

Who has nothing but her twisted

Ideologies of what love is because a cliff

Filled with jagged rocks is still lovely.

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September 2, 2012

Alley – A Sestina

by Sorrows In A Serenade

apologies for not updating for very long! Lots of projects and schoolwork, but the busiest period hasn’t even arrived yet! Really very sorry for my lack of discipline >< anyway hope you like this! A sestina, on how we all too often lose our way through the treacherous territory of gold and diamonds. Hope you like it, and appreciate the comments!

In the alley, I meet the Spirit
The maiden of the Fair
Night, shrouded in mist.
Claiming lives
From clutches of play
To join her in the fog

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August 25, 2012

Of sunsets and swings – a sestina

by Sorrows In A Serenade

first attempt at sestina! 🙂

The subtle glimmers of first light
Begin their charming
Magic on the green grass where swings Lie
The ancient encasement dropped
And burdened swings slowly bow
Then rise

Yet the swing with its rose
It couldnt outmatch the light
Slashing through the trees’ bow
No soul could it charm
For even as rain drops
The lifeless swings lay.

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