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February 1, 2019


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Science Tells The Truth

Climate Change Is Upon Us

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August 12, 2017


by The Cheesesellers Wife

What will we the journey be like
To toil through interstellar dust
Leptons muons
Amino acids

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August 1, 2017

Godly Conversations…

by OrangeDilip


Me: Dear God…

God: Yes God

Me: You are the god!

God: Why do you think so?

Me: you created us. You are the ultimate source for this universe, the vigour for everything that ‘exists

God: No, you created you… You are God!

Me: I created me?

God: Of course… God!

Me: Who created you?

God: Me? We ain’t diverse

Me: Am not clear, alright… What after death?

God: Empty…

Me: Empty?

God: Yes, Empty.

Me: What is Empty?

God: Nothing… A State of vacuum. A Nullified Cognizance!

Me:  Let me put it this way, what is Death?

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June 18, 2017


by The Cheesesellers Wife

Deep in the time of eclipse
As birds bed down and dusk creeps up
We see the Suns halo and crown
Reaching out to her children
Light in the darkness

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May 14, 2017


by The Cheesesellers Wife

And we stand upon this globe
Asking of the Universe

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April 23, 2017


by John S

Raw material
thought unneeded and defective
on snows of paper-

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January 16, 2017

After Death – 2. Puking Memories

by OrangeDilip


Eyes of mother
Face of mother
Fatherly whiffs
Black shoe polish
Understanding genders
Attracting genders
Rank holders
Daddy outings with brother
Mom twisted my thigh meat
for espying pale girl thighs

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November 8, 2016

Muddy Banks of Childhood

by HemmingPlay


by Hemmingplay

Shimmering metalicelectricbrightblue armorskin,
Wire-thin waist,
Twitchy, angry wings
Searing sting, delivered like hot death.
Oh, yes. I learned. I learned.

Mud dauber wasps drop
Out of the sun like Messerschmitt One-Oh-Nines,

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March 28, 2016

Science Street

by The Cheesesellers Wife

Science Street

The street where I work has a ring at each end
Spinning the subatomic in electromagnetic tunnels, round and round
Particle accelerators here on the English chalk

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September 16, 2013


by lviswa

(fibonacci poem)

Feast for the eyes

Feast for the eyes



tiny shoots

bursting out tender blushing -red

change into lush green all around bushy

bottom heavy bulby bulky bubbly stocky buds appear

know not what tinge hidden inside open their coat flaps convey what’s in

wowee! lovely multi arrays pink red orange blue blossoming all in one nod in wonder spreading its sweet scents into air show where God’s mesmerisms lie.

(the last 21 syllable line had to be doubled due to shortage of width.)

February 21, 2013


by dokurtybitz

We, as human beings
Manipulate the truth,
Beliefs become facts
Facts morph into lies

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