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February 4, 2023

Saturday Bussokuseki

by Jem Croucher
Maybe I can try
as the weekend once again
arrives this morning
to capture something of the
hallowed place it takes me to
confirming the choice is right

August 13, 2022

Two Dodoitsus (I – Saturday)

by Jem Croucher
Weekend and Saturday comes
and the mercury still climbs
Summer well and truly here
Felt within this heat

July 30, 2022

Two Tanagas (I – Saturday)

by Jem Croucher
Saturday and sunshine here
Typical for time of year
This summer's child so full of cheer
in these four lines, made quite clear

March 6, 2021

Tri-tanka XIII – Saturday

by Jem Croucher

6 of 7 for Tri-tanka week

Following coffee
my Saturday slow starting
pauses yet again
Cathartic indecision
rules and I’m happy with that

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December 21, 2019

Seven days revisited #6 (Saturday)

by Jem Croucher

Arrives and
Tiredness fades
Another week of
Yesterdays pass

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February 23, 2019

Saturday drifting haiku

by Jem Croucher

No.7 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Haikuweek’ series

Saturday drifting
Slow down now and slip away
The week is at end

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July 26, 2014

For Saturday…

by Jem Croucher


Arrives and

Tiredness fades

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