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April 30, 2013


by soad88

Departing in the dark of night

I leave behind familiar tunes

of you and I and what was and used to be

wordless joys and hopeful dreams

we were like doves nestled in an olive tree

embracing peaceful serenity

we raised our own

taught them to soar

spreading peace and razing calamities

For in our youth

we spread only truth

and left all vile behind

never looking back to notice

The arrowhead that pierced your naked heart

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February 28, 2013

Pyramus and Thisbe (The inspiration for Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet”)

by tjtherien

Once upon a time in Babylon
Such a cruel Fate would befall
Two lovers dote and linger on
Ear pressed to a crack in the wall
Forbade the two should ever meet
Whispers they exchanged in secret
Their love would have to be discreet
Through fissure in the parapet

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