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February 24, 2016

Four Letter Words

by graypoet


So many four letter words we can use to remember those that cross our path, just put some together to clear my mind. Not a poem, just rambling in four letter words.
Some flattering, some not, and yet we can relate to so many as we sit and think:

Away – how many times have we wanted time, only to find they were not around
Baby – might be a term of endearment or it could refer to the way that are acting
Care – it is easy to care how someone is being treated or to want the best for them
Dear – a term for those that have touched our heart and can still make us smile
Evil – come on, we all have those that we’ve come across that make us scared

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September 12, 2013

Something Missing

by graypoet

At times the mind just won’t stop, so my rambling increases…

From the moment we are born, it’s there
That moment when a touch soothes our mind
While not everyone has the same experience
We all desire a touch: soothing, loving and kind.

As an infant, maybe it is that instinctive cry at night
Each parent has awoken to the need for touch
Maybe the only thing needed was a light pat
But to each little mind, that moment meant much.

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