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September 3, 2013

The punter–a limerick in response

by sustainabilitea

Poetry challenge: Limerick.

Here’s my limerick response to my husband’s limerick

The punter’s a man of great skill
Who wishes other players no ill
But if into him
Those players run in
The penalty’s a quite bitter pill

(And he can walk once he’s done playing!!)


July 8, 2012

The mess in the alley.

by willowdot21

It’s finally stopped raining but your jeans are soaking wet and if it were not for the tricks men make you turn you’d be worried about the cold that you could get. The day is nearly over descending in to grey you’re better off staying here now you are already wet and they need not see for what they pay.

photo credits google image

You are feeling very twitchy it is hours since your last fix, your stomach is turning somersaults and your mood is between and betwixt. You watch people passing the end of your little patch some with shopping some with children all with lives you’d love to snatch.

School children walking home Ipods in their ears  you pick up their discarded cigarettes and wistfully long for their, undone homework fears. Life is so simple for them and some are older than you. They would spill their guts and run a mile had they had to do some of the things you do.

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