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September 17, 2021

Sparkle Like Sunshine

by Frank Hubeny

A bouquet’s like a bluebird who
without a sound knows what to do
and vintage turquoise like the sky.
The evening comes so let us try
to understand like deep dark wood
and do in darkness what is good
when daylight trusts us on our own.
Let’s sparkle as deep truth we’ve known.

Based on prompts by Eugenia and Linda Kruschke.

September 10, 2021

End and Beginning

by Frank Hubeny

Cotton candy sunny side up.
Be the cream of the crop.
Sustain your faith. Persevere.
The end is near when evil stops.

Inspired by prompts from Linda Kruschke and Eugenia.

September 3, 2021

A Scarecrow’s Gratitude

by Frank Hubeny

Those ravens are black
and that fact is exact,
but a moonstone’s no moon
though there’s room to presume
that these wheat fields have wheat
and a scarecrow’s a beast.

Thus he cheerfully thinks
as the day flips to night
giving all gracious thanks
while the sun leaves the sky.

Linda Kruschke offers slant rhyme for this week’s Paint Chip poetry challenge.

August 27, 2021

Purple Moon or Black Hole

by Frank Hubeny

I much prefer a purple moon,
a wonder I can see,
than any black hole scientists
might think that there might be,
but that’s just me, admittedly,
preferring what I see.

Written in response to prompts by Eugenia and Linda Kruschke.

August 20, 2021


by Frank Hubeny

At midnight taking a breath of fresh air
without the moon nor others on the street
I pray that my imaginations there
are those from God who makes the breathing sweet.

Motivated by prompts from Eugenia and Linda Kruschke.

July 26, 2021

The Pilgrims Reach the River

by Frank Hubeny

From deep-sea vent to ice cap peak
we followed where the trail led.
The breath of God would to us speak.

We let hope shine upon each cheek.
We faithfully faced doubt and dread
from deep-sea vent to ice cap peak.

At places where the way was bleak
we listened as the words were read.
The breath of God would to us speak.

This pilgrimage is for the meek,
for those believing what was said
from deep-sea vent to ice cap peak.

This is a river, not some creek.
To those who fear we’d seem as dead.
The breath of God would to us speak.

Euphoria is what we seek
where there is more than mortal bread.
From deep-sea vent to ice cap peak
the breath of God would to us speak.

This villanelle is motivated by Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip Prompt.

July 19, 2021

Short Letter to a Self-Centered Dream That Wasted Much Time

by Frank Hubeny

Looking back I tried to do
the black cat things you teased me to.
Convinced that what you spoke was true
with night owl eyes I followed you.

You’re tongue-tied. Good, but I still thirst
and relish for a fresh sunburst.

Inspired by a prompt at Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip challenge.

July 10, 2021

Ubi Sunt

by Frank Hubeny

Long ago we studied here when it was still a place.
Your name I have forgotten, but I still can see your face.
And others, too, their words we heard. I hear them still today
with spring pizzazz and peachy smiles before we went away.

Linda Kruschke prompts us to write an “ubi sunt” (where are they?) poem this week for her Paint Chip Challenge.

July 3, 2021

Blank Canvas

by Frank Hubeny

The seedling blooms like lavender.
The golden sunlight shines and we
remember all, the way things were.

Forgive, we do, each enemy.
No secret shadows stand today.
Forgive us, too, both you and me.

Now every tear that turned life gray,
that smeared our pasts into a blur,
He’s wiped away, He’s wiped away.

Written for Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip challenge.

June 18, 2021


by Frank Hubeny

In faded denim, rosy blush,
he offers her a polished stone
from water where the rivers rush.
She knows that she is not alone.
In greens and yellow, alpine light,
Today the festive way is bright.

Inspired by two prompts, Eugenia’s Thursday Prompt and Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip Challenge.

June 5, 2021


by Frank Hubeny

In your eyes I saw clear skies
before the rain that day.
All left at once out of the blue,
the sunshine and the sunflower, too,
the hot sauce zest for life I knew.
Our margarita laughing pool
shut down. You went away.

Inspired by Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip challenge for this week using ten of fifteen offered phrases coming from paint chip samples. Optionally, the theme could be about “someone you love and miss”.

May 14, 2021

Dreaming Mind

by Frank Hubeny

A tiny trinket out of jade
deceptively was smoothly made.
I bought it. Why? I do not know.
My dreaming mind got caught, went slow.
I wonder now how much I paid.

Motivated by Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip challenge.

May 9, 2021

Mother’s Day

by Frank Hubeny

Gaia really wasn’t there
the way my mother was.
The full moon of the night or dawn
were never heartbeats I’d count on
the way my mother’s was.

Written for Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip challenge for Mother’s Day.

May 9, 2021


by Frank Hubeny

There’s quicksand by the pearly gates
for those who wander off the way,
who love the breezy, sleazy mud.
Then pleasure pops – another dud.
On pins and needles now they say,
“Let’s try again!” And there they stay.

Based on a prompt by Linda Kruschke for her Paint Chip challenge.