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October 25, 2016

Inspirations (Acrostic Challenge)

by 50djohnson


Poetry challenge: Acrostic poem.

From the lonely “I”sland of emotion flowing from deep within

Ever bubbling upward”N”eath all the confusion wondering where it has been .

Desperately trying to “S”pring forth joyfully into the light of day.

Pushing through layers of “P”ain, as a bulb bursting through the soil of clay.

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January 27, 2016

Sing a new Song

by 50djohnson


Think on These Things For Just Five Minutes!

When going through the valley, thinking laughter will never come again

Surprises of joy burst through the clouds every now and then.

Everyday just singing the woeful dirge of pain

Christ’s  presence helps us sing even in the pouring rain.

Never can one speak high enough of the virtues of laughter shared,

Power that courses through us like healing balm freely shared.

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