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May 25, 2021

Little things II

by Jem Croucher
Big things they may never come
but little things are free
and all we have to do each day
is open eyes to see

Encapsulating all that life
gives each of us each day
to celebrate the little things
in every single way

January 25, 2021

Velvet Vipers

by Venkat
This is not cg, but an African bush viper; a highly venomous snake that  carries its unborn babies internally instead of laying eggs. : pics

violet veins, violet venom
verdant vials, vicious verses
vermillion vest, vicarious vampires
verdant voices, velvet vipers

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October 21, 2020

The red and the barb

by Jem Croucher

Virginia creeper spreading red
seen through barbed wire there
quite stunning in its beauty
that I simply had to share

Raw though still it touched a nerve
with something more unkinder
stark against reality
in contrast a reminder

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February 26, 2020


by Venkat

time comes with a lid
no handles to hold
the night was a thief
dark thumbs to wear
kept dreams to count
love without doors
leaves but feathers
till days break aloud
to let in theives
for their tall times

you are the wall
you are the mother
you are the duck
you are the music
you are the night
you are the sound
you are the silence

December 29, 2018

A Wish Not to Change

by Venkat

let me nail this color in my eyes
till every color breathes in it
let me read this darkness
till every light sprouts forth
let me stay on this ground
till it becomes my world

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December 23, 2018


by Venkat

wispy memories, swoop raw and deep
claws of gravity, spin lines in blood
love in moonshine gay on its old paw
a planet of nights, on bones I know not
ends I hold, carry lines raw and deep
too cold for knots, so far for thoughts


September 17, 2018

Triolet : 2018-09-17

by Venkat

Triolet is a poem of 8 lines in which 1st, 4th, and 7th lines repeat, and 2nd and 8th lines also repeat. The rhyme scheme of the poem is AbaAabAB

life walks in, when words stroll out
a heart to the brim, on edgeless thoughts
minds off coats, wear no face, no pout

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September 10, 2018

Triolet : 2018-09-10

by Venkat

winds don’t scatter thoughts
thoughts could bar not winds
mind with no breath pouts knots

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September 9, 2018

Triolet : 2018-09-09

by Venkat

songs in clay, by a quiet hand
have no voice, need no ears
to fill love when times stand

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September 8, 2018

Triolet : 2018-09-08

by Venkat

pebbles cast no dreams
in pain they glow
under belligerant streams
pebbles cast no dreams
a new heart cast off the seams

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August 12, 2018

Dancing with Shadows

by The Cheesesellers Wife

Any attempt to pin down
this exact moment, that exact image
exactly what I feel and need to say

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August 6, 2018

Acrostic + Alliteration: 2018-08-06

by Venkat

Doldrums, dilemmas
Incongruous, inimical
Clasp catechisms, confusion
Turns thesaurus till tables turn


July 31, 2018

Acrostic + Alliteration: 2018-07-31

by Venkat

Serpent’s silence
Hay’s husky hush
Antlers angles

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July 22, 2018


by Venkat

weary waters, wretched wait
worn waveless, wrinkle worship
waters without winces, whales
wry, wistful, wind wicked

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July 17, 2018

Golden God, Golden Glue

by Venkat

golden glue, golden god
growl gusts, groan gorges
go geese, go gorillas
gooseberries, glum gulls

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July 16, 2018


by Venkat

your words held their breath
as tight as an intrepid bud

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June 13, 2018


by Venkat

hollow cups hold no time
hollow hearts do

hollow words keep no breath
hollow moments do

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May 26, 2018

Two Feet

by Venkat

these waves
they give
robes of shine

these waves
they bring
knights in sand

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May 20, 2018


by Venkat

colors I have not
colors I give not
colors I keep not

yet I roll the sky
as it rolls me
yet I roll the Sun
as it rolls me

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May 10, 2018

Lost and Found

by Nick Anthony

I am in search of something unknown,
Just beyond my grasp of comprehension.
I stand at the temple doors of Self,
Sealed shut by monks of Sophistry
To conceal their esoteric knowledge and rites,
Of which I desperately long to understand.

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April 21, 2018

Reluctant Spirits

by HemmingPlay

A woman I know,
a believer, told me
she saw angels hovering
over our house.
I can’t see them, but
it wouldn’t surprise me.

Sitting by your bed
through the long nights,
feeling you slip away
a bit at a time as the cancer
races through you,

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March 20, 2018

Lines Between

by Venkat

do I need wait
when I am the time
of your life

do I need say
when I am the smile
of your dream

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March 16, 2018

Pool of Love

by Venkat

words croaked, in blown slurs
And they slipped off the breath
for a heart, held by a pool of love

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March 12, 2018


by Venkat

drank and I drank
waves upon wave
roar upon roar
hand upon hand

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February 10, 2018

Of Solid Gold

by Venkat

in glitter it wore hats
of crimson words
in meaning it bore stories
of velvet shades
love yet was not, nor ever
of solid gold

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January 27, 2018


by Venkat

off they swirl, your spinning words
between brows, into spaces
meanings bright, meanings dark
Some I read, some too far
gravitate me yet, on orbits apart


December 15, 2017

Limerick – Drops

by Venkat

Drops, they rained, cavalry in order and shine

Drops, they loved, million brothers divine

Clouds, in murmurs, shook in dance

Suspended in a lightning romance

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December 5, 2017

Limerick – Lies

by Venkat

Mrs. Android went to see where truth lies
She surfed through Google sea, being wise
Truths from cocoons be lies in bits
Lies from cocoons be truths in hits
She nodded, ‘Lies are truths written by mice’

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