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December 16, 2017


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

The Babbling Brook

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November 20, 2016


by helenmidgley


June 13, 2015


by Dorinda Duclos

Listen, do your hear them
The gentle sounds of spirits
Whispering softly
Among themselves
Listen! Do you hear it?

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February 18, 2015

I Will

by Rana

Launch me into darkness

and I will sculpt the universe.

Bury me beneath the birch’s roots

and I will fertilize a nation.

Tuck me between the covers

and I will give birth to love.

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August 15, 2014

Knowing The Unknown

by Venkat


strange as it may seem
by truth, eternally porous
sparks of virtue gleam
soft, adapted as clay does

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April 2, 2014

When I Listen

by aquietwalk

I listen to the blues to push you away

Nothing personal baby

Just it is so much easier that way

When I am feeling so blue

I just listen to the blues to push you away


See there is a horizon ahead

We all see it lay before our eyes

We all want to feel that special breeze

That one that lets us feel it’s ok

See there is a horizon just waiting up ahead

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July 7, 2013

Listen! Oh deaf man

by Venkat

Poetry Challenge: Oxymoron

Listen! Oh deaf man

Don’t go by your foolish wisdom!

Think about your insane rationale

Your heaven is hell

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January 23, 2013

A fountain of brotherhood: Acrostic.

by Shashi Moore

th (15)


E –  Envy that you don’t need

M-  Making the other feel important in feat

P-  Patience displayed when you have no time to spare’

A – Acceptance of differences of opinion: gift to inhabit in the mind of the other.

T – Tolerant enough for the shoulder to spare,

H-  Hope for the hopeless,

Y – Young and not so young at heart, all deserve empathy

By: Shashi Moore