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December 8, 2017

Let’s Send In Dennis Rodman

by Rhyme In Time

Decided to post this one now because of this news item:


He’s buddies with the little god-man—
Let’s send back in Dennis Rodman.
It well could be the Magic Worm
Can charm the crazy Chia Perm.
There certainly are notions far more odd, man.

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September 23, 2017

Piss Fight

by Rhyme In Time

“He’s a madman!”
“He’s deranged!”
So Trump and Kim
In piss fight strange.

They each need timeout in the corner,
Each of these unruly scorners.
Where’s the kindergarten teacher?
Asleep somewhere beneath the bleachers?

Do they think it’s arithmetic,
To seek out who’s the bigger dick?


August 18, 2017

Child with a Military ;-)

by Rhyme In Time

Things are getting pretty scary!
Child with a military,
He’s the world’s adversary
But should be in solitary.

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