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August 7, 2012


by Tiffany Layne
I’m sorry for the tears that flow right from my eyes
everytime the moment comes for us to say goodbye…
Don’t worry, it’s not that you’ve said something wrong,
It’s just that you’re like listening to my favorite song…
And I don’t want the verses to be done just yet,
And I can’t get the chorus out of my head…
And I want to play it again, and keep it in my ears,
And never let go of the way it makes me feel…
It’s so hard when I can never know just how long it will be
Until I can hear your voice again, and that’s what’s killing me
July 10, 2012


by willowdot21

Tiny little fingers in the dust, huge eyes so sad begging for your crust. You are so hungry you need it for yourself but this is your child, who you can’t deny, true?

Hunger gnawing at your bones like cancer spreading fast. You worry if you’ll be strong enough to find water, as what you have just will not last.

No one is going to help you, your sons and daughters gone for soldiers.These two left will escape that fate as they will not grow much older. Your milk dried up, your belly empty. It hurts so much to walk but walk you must, you can’t stop. The baby at your breast has long since ceased  crying. This sweet young child clinging to your skirt is dying.

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