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July 4, 2020

A “Fourth Of July” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

In the Declaration of Independence, our founding fathers made a statement that is the heart and soul of our great country, a statement that makes America the greatest country in the world –

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May 15, 2020

Americans Have Sacrificed So Much For What?

by ladyliterati

The voices of the dead can not cry

so we cry for them

we cry for answers, justice, equality

and we cry for accountability.

A. L. O’Prunty

October 6, 2018


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

The Verdict Of History
Will Be Harsh, Shameful And Extreme
For The Clown And The Fool
For The Criminal And The Cruel

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March 6, 2018


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

When They
Draw A Line In The Sand
And Say,
“Don’t Cross It
Or Else”

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November 5, 2017


by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

There’s a special place

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August 23, 2017

Peace Has Vanished ( a Ghazal)

by pranabaxom

I had written this poem ( Ghazal ) a few weeks back in my mother tongue, Assamese, regarding the unrest going on in many parts of the world.  I gave a finishing touch yesterday and translated it to English.  This is not a literal translation. It is difficult to do a word by word translation and retain the ghazal format.  I am including both Assamese ( first) and the English version here.

Previously posted at my blog on 8-22-2017.


অশান্তি কিয়

সকলোতে আজি শুনো হাঁহাকাৰ,  পৃথিৱীত ইমান অশান্তি কিয়
প্ৰাচুৰ্য্যৰ মাজত শুনো আৰ্তনাদ, ৰাইজৰ মনত অশান্তি কিয়

বিজ্ঞানৰ আজি জয় জয়াকাৰ, পৰাক্ৰমীৰ শুনো উন্মাদ হুঙ্কাৰ
নৈতিকতাৰ পতন দেখি নিতেনিত, ৰাইজৰ নহব অশান্তি কিয়

চাৰিওদিশে দেখোঁ বাজে ৰণডংকা, জনতাৰ মনত কিহৰ আশঙ্কা
অজান আতংকবাদীৰ মোক্ষম আঘাট, বুজিছানে আজি অশান্তি কিয়

অন্তৰত জ্বলে দুঃখৰ অনল, চৌদিশে দেখোঁ  জ্বলে দাবানল
সৰ্বহাৰাৰ বিচাৰ নহল উচিত, নহলেনো আজি অশান্তি কিয়

বৃথা প্ৰলোভনত মতলীয়া ৰাইজ, বৈষম্যৰ জয়ধ্বনিত সদা ব্যস্ত
ধৰ্মান্ধতাৰ উন্মাদনাত বিবেক নষ্ট, পৃথিৱীত নহব অশান্তি কিয়

Peace Has Vanished

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August 5, 2015

~ Wee Disabled Victim – Burly, Bullying Kentucky Police Officer

by ladyliterati

ADHD eight year old student handcuffed! Handcuffed!

Crying in pain, a wee victim of a burly, “bullying” police officer-
This is not justice! This is not acceptable! This is criminal!

Speaking of criminal… Beat the streets, perhaps the Challenge puts fear in YOUR dark soul
A child cries still ringing in my ears evokes a Mothers tears

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February 19, 2015

Lip Service

by scottishmomus

Mists linger on the corners of the city where he lived,

Rolling in and round and clinging on,

Legacy of fog where Wilde was wont to drift,

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November 25, 2014

~ Ferguson ~ Haiku

by ladyliterati


Scale of Justice tips
Repetitive history
May of November?


May 7, 2014

Save The Girls

by graypoet


I am generally a forgiving man
Trust in God to right a wrong
When I see such things as this
I have to try to remain strong.

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