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August 29, 2021

Jamboree Jars

by Venkat

jizzy jumpsuits, jaunty journeys
jermaine jest, jamboree jars
jealous jury, juxtaposed jigs
jade jacket Jovian, joust jars

jealous jars, jermaine journeys
jaunty jest, jamboree jumpsuits
Jovian jury, jade jacket jigs
jizzy jury, juxtaposed jars

jade jacket jury, jealous Jovian
jizzy jumpsuits, jaunty jars
juxtaposed jest, jermaine jigs
juxtaposed journeys, jamboree jars


March 8, 2013

The String (Sonnet)

by tjtherien

So the Jury’s out…the jury’s hung
There is great dispute about the soul
But I believe we are pearls strung
By circumstance beyond our control
There is more than mere coincidence
Manipulating marionette

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