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January 21, 2018


by Megha's World

People say eyes are the mirror to your soul.You get the clarity of thoughts and emotions if you look deeply into someone’s eyes. It stores all the hurt, pain, joy, ecstasy you have experienced all your life. But still, you spend your whole life surrounded by people around you who don’t have any clue what going on inside you. Sometimes we wish for a such a mirror to exist which can reflect people true intentions and emotions and sometimes you just wanna hide.


Eyes my faithful mirror
Heart is a bleeding art
Dancing through this dance called life
Got so many scratches ..torn apart

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January 20, 2018


by Megha's World

“To wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect”
― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

Behind a closed door
Inside a long beautiful veil
After a long wait
a glimpse of him
through that passing train
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January 15, 2018


by Megha's World


I’m almost there
dragging my feet
pushing myself to the limit
almost running out of breath
breathless and panting

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January 13, 2018


by Megha's World


They say I'm witty

My laughs can fill an empty space

and my smiles can be a cure

I can giggle my way through an uneasy path

and crack people up in any way I start
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January 12, 2018


by Megha's World


A bridge across forever
An unending dream
An endless walk on the beach
Uncanny sun on your face

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January 11, 2018

Stay Beautiful

by Megha's World


Stay beautiful
stay beautiful my heart
You have lots to learn and lots to forgot
Days will come and fill you with love
Emotions will make you happy
And people will crush

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