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June 27, 2020

This Glorious Passage

by HemmingPlay
Hummingbird hovering at red trumpet vine blossom

Photo by Roger Levien

My past is as implausible as
the tale of a frail
butterfly that flies from Mexico to Canada.
Why? How? To what purpose?

Here and now, I’m between
million-year-old mountains
and the damp, salty shores of
one of an ocean’s quiet, protected bays—
where the fish and the plants and the chemistry,
change day by day, but where the whole is eternal,
where a thousand centuries is as a day.

An ocean and mountains
show us who we really are,
Mere children pretending to be
some heroic captain,
braced on a stormy quarter deck
defying the gale,
the rocks too close.
But the ocean knows it
has swallowed many like us before,
and will take many more.

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July 7, 2013

What’s Mine

by willowmarie

I recognize this moment,

Untamed, unframed

And wild; I created it.

 I let it flow,

Let it grow

Let it trellis

And border-

Cascade its disorder

On walls

In halls

Of dim.

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